Street Re-Naming Honors Hero Capt. John Vigiano Sr.

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Captain John Vigiano Sr. Honored With Street Name

On Saturday, May 11th, 2019, citizens with State, County, local and civic leaders gathered to honor Captain John Vigiano Sr. in a powerful ceremony.  From the opening vocation to the close of the ceremony, one thing became evident to all, as dignitaries shared their testimonies of this local hero.  Hundreds did not gather on this day simply because a man passed away.  The community unified at every level because Captain Vigiano was a man who truly lived.

A Life Truly Lived – Captain John Vigiano Sr.

John Vigiano Sr., a former Marine, and retiree as one of FDNY’s most decorated fire captains, dedicated his life to serving others.  The legacy of heroism did not stop with him.  He and his wife Jan raised a wonderful family.  Their sons John, an FDNY firefighter and Joe, and NYPD Detective took up a similar calling.  Tragically, both sons were lost on September 11, 2001.

The pain of losing their sons did not stop John Sr. and Jan.  They continued to serve, donating their time, wisdom, and resources to improving the lives of many, including Gold Star Families.

“John’s legacy is one of honor, courage and resiliency, He was a fighter in every sense of the word. The way he selflessly served his community inspires our work at Hope For The Warriors. We are forever grateful to have known John and the entire Vigiano family. Our nation is a better place because of his service.”

Hope For The Warriors CEO Robin Kelleher.  

Captain John Vigiano Memorial Way

Long Island Ave – Rte 231 – Grand Blvd (Wyandanch)

The ceremony was held at the intersection of Deer Park Ave (Rte 231) and Long Island Ave.  This now marks the start of what will be known as Captain John Vigiano Memorial Way.  There is no real way to fully memorialize the life of a man like “Captian Vig”, as a speaker affectionately referred to him. However, all of us who are left behind should attempt to bring him, and those like him, to remembrance to the best of our ability.

Many edifying words were spoken.  United States Congressman Peter King said, “I never met anyone in life that was more dedicated to the job than Vigiano.”  He later joked on the Captain’s toughness. “Being on the other side of John was the wrong place to be.”

Suffolk County Steve Bellone made the statement, “He was one of the most loyal individuals that you will ever meet.”

Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer shared memories of sons John Jr. and Joe in how they acted like “choir boys” around their father, further affirming that John Sr. was a man who commanded respect.  Supervisor Schaffer then noted the strength and resilience that continued beyond their son’s death and a husband and wife who were committed to “not allowing them to die in vain.”

A Legacy Worth Following

As the ceremony came to a close and the unveiling of the memorial sign was visible, I believe it called us all to reflect on our own lives.  We may not have the same calling or path as Captain Vigiano, but when it is all said and done, did we do everything we could to make an impact with the precious life we were given.  Captain John Vigiano Sr. certainly did.  Whenever we are on this stretch of road, let us all remember him, his family, their sacrifice, and what makes America great.  The four come together in complete harmony, today and each day forward.

Watch the full ceremony below


Author: Jason Koch D’Ambrosio

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