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Let’s Bring the Red, White, and Blue to DPA

1st Annual Sponsor-a-Flag

Deer Park is Patriotic!

Deer Park has some of the most patriotic people in the U.S.A.   This has been evident in both recent social media postings as well as in feedback on the DPA Revitalization Survey.

Feedback on Facebook from concerned citizen Jason Cody.

DPA Revitalization/Downtown Survey Feedback

“I personally would like to see brighter colors in the middle section garden area. Also flags on all the poles to show more patriotism I think is very important and very beautiful.”

“We need to put up more old fashioned lamp posts, flags, even hanging plants to make it more appealing to the eye.”

“Not sure the visual appeal can be fixed…  but love the flower, flags and holiday lights during those times of the year…more of this might be better.”



We couldn’t agree more!

That’s why we are excited to announce our first Sponsor-a-Flag event.  On June 29, 2019, we are going to prepare Deer Park for Independence day by attaching 40 beautiful American-made Old Glories down a popular stretch of DPA.

Business Owners and residents* can participate by sponsoring flags.  Sponsors will receive a framed certificate of acknowledgment showing that you participated in the very first year of what we hope will be many.  You will also receive recognition on the Deer Park Chamber website and our Social Media platforms.

We know you’re not doing it for the kudos…. but let’s let everyone know those in our community that is willing to contribute to honoring the flag that represents the freedoms we enjoy every day.


1 Flag = $50

3 Flags – $125

Sponsor a flag on DPA
Name of Sponsor
Email of Sponsor

* 100% of Residential Sponsorships go toward 2020 scholarships in the Deer Park School District

Thank you, Deer Park!

Thank you, Deer Park, for your commitment to making this town a great place to live and a strong example of the spirit that makes our country the best in the world!

Want to help us put up the flags?  Find out more!

If you have any questions.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.


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