New Executive Board Installed

New Executive Board Installed

Deer Park Chamber Installs New Executive Board

It is with great excitement that we announce a new Executive Board as of July 2021.  July's General Meeting drew local leaders and business owners to discuss Chamber business and install our new crop of leadership.  

The new Executive Board is as follows:

Adam Hurd, President
Rich Kruse, Vice President
Lawrence Offsey, Treasurer
Daniel Pooran, Secretary
Jason D'Ambrosio, Immediate Past President

Immediate Past President, Jason Koch D'Ambrosio, expressed gratitude to each of the new Board Members for their previous dedication and service. Each of the newly elected leaders transitioned within the Board from other roles. "I couldn't be happier and more proud of th caliber of people who will run this organization going forward," said D'Ambrosio as he hands over the reins to Adam Hurd.

Adam Hurd, owner of 642 Advising, has been a huge asset to the Chamber.  His drive and determination as Secretary helped to sustain the organization through the pandemic.  Adam's boldness and "get it done" mindset is positioned to bring the Deer Park Chamber to new levels as we aim for a 2022 that hopefully is a year without the restrictions of 2020/2021. 

New VP, Rich Kruse, has a longstanding tenure of leadership in the Real Estate community, among other influential organizations.  A true native Deer Park Resident, he is an avid advocate for business and current President of LIBOR.  Rich is also well known for his love of our country and as a proud Navy dad!

Transitioning to Secretary is Daniel Pooran.  Danny is a dynamic rising star with a heart for the community.  Owner at The Worx Barbershop, he is well respected throughout Deer Park with strong relationships in the Deer Park School District.  Danny has his finger and his clippers on the pulse of Deer Park.  

The only position to remain the same from the previous administration is our Treasurer Lawrence "Larry" Offsey of Offsey CPA firm.  Larry is a successful consultant to local small to medium sized business.  His mind for finance and budgeting brings a "strength in numbers" touch to the Chamber.  Larry has played a huge role in implementing best practices that have strengthen the DPCC.  

The Board awarded Immediate Past President Jason D'Ambrosio with the 2021 Excellence Award.  Jason has served as President for over 4 years and was an original Board Member awhen the DPCC was formed in 2015.  He has helped to navigate the organization through it's infancy and has always been a voice for the advancement of initiatives that positively impact Deer Park.

Special thanks to all attendees which included State Senator Phil Boyle, Town Supervisore Rich Schaffer, State Assemblymen Keith Brown, County Legislator Steve Flotteron, and Town Clerk Gerri Compitello. 

Chamber Membership Renewal

Thank you for being part of our Chamber! We are excited about what 2021 is going to bring. ...

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