DPA Revitalization Discussions Underway

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Deer Park Ave Revitalization Discussions Underway

At the Deer Park Chamber January General Meeting, we welcomed Suffolk Legislator and Deer Park, resident Tom Donnelly.  Also in attendance was ToB Deputy Supervisor Tony Martinez.  The primary topic of conversation was how do we improve Deer Park Ave.  Included in discussions, was dialogue around driving commerce, filling vacant spaces, and locating a potential place in Deer Park that could be used as a more downtown-like area.

Make no mistake, many have tried, but with a great turnout from the community, a decision was made to take proactive steps to develop a community survey.  From that survey, we will seek to work alongside the ToB to tackle some initiatives and present ideas to both Suffolk County and NYS


In February and March, we were glad to hear from two very important guests.  Both County Executive Steve Bellone’s office and ToB

Councilman Anthony Manetta, who also is a proponent of increasing small business, confirmed that any change would have to be a community initiative.  This means that to get anything done, we are going to have to unite behind a common voice and be heard.

Are you ready Deer Park?  Fortunately, local leaders at the Town and County level have expressed their interest in helping us in the process.  Please be on the lookout for a community survey via social media in mid to late April.



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