DPA Downtown Revitalization Survey Results are in…

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Deer Park Ave/Downtown Revitalization Survey Complete

On behalf of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce and partnering organizations and municipalities, we thank all who participated in the recent survey.  Congratulations are also due to Emily Lalima and Jerzy Kruszlinski for winning the Texas Roadhouse gift cards!

Results and Next Steps

Many have reached out requesting information on the results of the survey and inquiring as to the next steps.  The data from the survey has been submitted to municipalities for further review and consideration along with efforts being organized.  We will provide updates, where possible.

We asked for strong participation and are grateful to the community.  Deer Park residents and business owners along with those who work here stepped up.  Sure, who can resist a Texas Roadhouse gift card?  We’d like to think, however, that the core of the Deer Park community is enthusiastic about potentially improving an important part of our town.

Purpose of the Survey

The purpose of the survey was to get public opinion on a myriad of issues including public safety, traffic safety, downtown revitalization, and continued efforts for the beautification of Deer Park, NY 11729.

Participation Data

Nearly 1200 people clicked to take the survey but only 48% decided to move forward. This may have been affected by the type of device. 86% of participants were on a mobile device.

572 concerned citizens took the survey.  85.9% identified as current residents of Deer Park, NY 11729.  36.5% were aware of DPA Revitalization initiative prior to the survey.

Age Demographics

Participants aged 50 – 64 made up the majority of the participants at 44.5%.  Those age 35 – 49 were second at 29.9%,  Our Seniors 65+ contributed 11.4% while our youngest qualifying age range 18 – 25 made up only 3.3%.

This participation is indicative of the Facebook platform.  According to John Slionski of Design ME Marketing, a Deer Park-based internet marketing firm.  “Gen X and Baby Boomers are staying with Facebook while GenZ is gravitating toward Instagram”





Getting to the most important part of the survey, the issues at hand, we found that there were some very distinct consistencies on areas of concern while many Deer Park residents varied in the order of there priority.

The survey could be broken down into the following segments.

  • Traffic/Pedestrian Flow Safety
  • Visual Appeal/Cleanliness and Beautification
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Attracting Business
  • Community Needs (Sewers, Code Enforcement, and Housing)

Better Roads… But When to Fix Them

A common sentiment was the road conditions on DPA.  We can only hope that being a NYS roadway that we will be heard.  Aside from the mounting concerns on potholes that made up an overwhelming number of comments, we expressed concern over traffic itself.  Ultimately we say “Fix our roads, but do it at times that won’t add to congestion.”  We can only cross our fingers on this one.

Road Conditions (2.5), Traffic Saftey (2.7), and Pedestrian Safety (2.8)stayed steadily at or below mid-range for concern on a scale of 1 – 5.

Prioritizing issues?  Depends on who you ask.

When asked to prioritize by order of importance, the answers varied so much well… the data brings all roadway concerns remarkably close in public opinion.  This was not the only place where this was true.







Visual Appeal, Beautification & Cleanliness

Many great comments were provided around over the overall visual appeal.  From storefronts to litter, we didn’t hesitate to give our 2 cents.  A big factor in the independent comments was the conditions and presentation of the medians on Deer Park Ave.  Yet, when it came to prioritizing, like the Road conditions, the order of priority was strikingly close across the board.







Would love to see American flags on poles through the town. Storefronts could have uniform signage – Deer Park Resident

Several residents mentioned adding American flags.  We hear you!  Thanks to the Town of Babylon Beautification Department for helping us secure 40 spots to place American Flags for Independence Day.  Learn More.

Downtown Deer Park gets Local Support

When asked if Deer Park should look into designating a downtown region, the answers were largely in favor.  67.5% of participants agreed or strongly agreed.  The question is where?  The Intersections ranging from Grand Blvd to Nicolls took 77.3% of the vote.  Some feedback from citizens though requested looking elsewhere, while 11.7% responded unfavorably to the idea.

The Benefits of a Downtown

When asked to share the benefits of a downtown area, the majority pointed toward improving the look and feel, attracting new business, and increasing foot traffic.

Attracting New Business

Restaurants and Retail dominated the desired business types in a future more updated Deer Park.


Infrastructure and Other Needs


For restaurants, we will likely need sewers.  67.3% agreed or strongly agreed that sewers were an important need while just 10.8% disagreed or strongly disagreed.


Deer Park was surprisingly lukewarm on adding municipal parking.  Only 47.6 rated this as a need of 3 or higher on a scale of 1 – 5.

Commercial Vacancies

Here is an area where all of us can come together.  Let’s fill up our vacant storefronts!  There are many factors that will contribute to this but a whopping 93.8% of us rated 3 or higher on a scale of 1 – 5 as this being a major concern.  70% rated 4/5.


Thank you Deer Park & Next Steps!

Again, thank you all for your participation. Your input is extremely valuable. Also, thank you to the Town of Babylon, Suffolk County, and the Deer Park Community Association for continuing efforts to make Deer Park a great place to live, work, and thrive.


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