Deer Park Business Owner Helps Family Rebuild While Son Battles Cancer

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Deer Park’s Repel Restoration Helps Family Battling Childhood Cancer

We may be biased, but it’s usually no surprise when a Deer Park resident or business owner does something good for the community. We have great people here!  However, there are times when someone steps up and does something so exceptional that it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Mike Muller is the owner of Repel Restoration, a Deer Park based masonry and construction company.  Thanks to some true generosity and compassion, he and his crew stepped in for a Queens family in a big-time way.

Their home had some serious issues that under normal circumstances would be difficult to bear.  This family, however, has a son battling Blood Cancer making it almost impossible to make the repairs necessary.  The damage to the home also created dangerous conditions that could have further affected the child’s health.

Repel Restoration heard about the situation and came in to do the work.  Check out this video for the news story.

We are proud to have Mike and Repel Restoration as a part of our Chamber.  He is a great fit as our organization is fortunate to have many men and women ready to make a difference.  Welcome aboard Mike!

Check out Repel Restorations Directory listing here

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