3rd Annual Thanksgiving Drive

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Helping Families this Thanksgiving

Partnering to support 20 local families

This Thursday, many of us will be surrounded by loved ones.  The air will be filled with the sweet smells of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies and more.  What a day!

Unfortunately, not all of our neighbors have the means to celebrate as we do.  Together, we can do a little to help 20 local families enjoy a great meal this Thanksgiving.  For the past 3 years, we have partnered with St. Cyril and Methodius with Zorn’s Bellmore to sponsor 20 families.

Zorn’s has generously discounted a 6 person Thanksgiving Dinner and we are staged to provide 20 families with a great meal.

There are still a few families left to sponsor.  Will you partner with it as wonderful for another family as it will be for us?

Thank you in advance.

Cost Per Family is $45.

You can give a few dollars toward a family or sponsor several.  Every little bit helps!  Thank you!

All businesses that donate will be mentioned in an article and on Social Media.


Sponsor a Thanksgiving
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